As a curator I love to make exhibitions and permanent displays. I enjoy to work with people to help them develop curatorial skills and develop strong and fun exhibitions. I have a passion for developing exhibitions that show global  arts in all its variety and interconnections, historical and contemporary.

The world is too wonderful to keep the focus just on Europe


My strength lays in innovative concept development of dynamic exhibitions that focus on international, diverse and global arts and cultures. I like exhibitions that mix social history and visual arts and make people question assumptions on identity, culture and heritages. Exhibitions that are fun, accessible and reflective. Exhibitions that show how we are connected in time and space. And exhibitions that firmly relate to the complexities and experiences of the 21st century.

Simple language, not simple ideas


Exhibitions invite to explore stories and have new experiences. Exhibitions are holistic in how they are made and how they communicate. Stories can be told through all the senses. Visual juxtaposition of objects, graphics and inter actives are some possibilities. Concept, Interpretation, Design and Learning all work together to make great active, enjoyable, eye-opening displays.

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