Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Brilliant museum and great interpretations that clearly do justice to the concept of connecting the global to the local in almost all displays and to access in the best way.

Simple language, not simple ideas

as Mark O’Neill, Head of Arts and Museums’, explained in a talk organised by Museum Studies, Leicester.

Loved the audio walls, which were not intrusive as you had to walk close to them, as they enriched interpretation with sounds in a subtle way. My ears were further spoiled with the organ performance held everyday at 1pm.

Kelvingrove is one if those typical Victorian museums, once aspiring to create an encyclopaedia of global knowledge. This local government museum had a complete redisplay between 2003-06.

It is object-based, storytelling, visitor-focused and flexible. (…) Before we closed, research showed that, above all, people wanted the new Kelvingrove to be thought-provoking. This helped us to take risks, to cover the darker side of our collections, to have fun. And the flexibility of the displays gives us a safety net if necessary.

(Sue Latimer, sr Education and Access Curator, 2007)

The Local and the Global.

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