Publications and Public Engagement

At present, I publish for the general public and in academic journals. I publish in English and Dutch. My main topics are African fashion and textiles (especially kente cloth from Ghana and Togo), global links through textiles (especially Japanese saris and African printed textiles), museums and representation, and contemporary art in relation to textile traditions.

Publications (Peer reviewed)                                                                                                                        

2018                Kraamer, M. ‘Politics of Kente Cloth’. In: Taylor, L. et. Al. (eds) Creating African Fashion Histories (currently discussions with Indiana University Press).

2017                Kraamer, M. & Barnes, A.J. ‘Unplaced Heritage: Making Identity through Fashion’. Contract signed with Museum Studies, University of Leicester, forthcoming Routledge Reader on Heritage and Interpretation. (2016) [submitted]

2015                Barnes, A.J. & Kraamer, M. ‘Japanese Saris: Dress, Globalisation and Multiple Migrants. Textile History, 46 (2), 169-188. London: Maney Publishing.

2011                Kraamer, M. ‘Challenged past and the museum: the case of Ghanaian Kente’. In: Dudley, S. et. al. (eds) The Thing about Museums: Objects and Experience, Representation and Contestation, Abingdon: Routledge: 282-296.

2009                Kraamer, M. ‘Weaving a Biblical Text: Ewe Textiles and Christianity’. Journal of Material Religion 5 (1): 34-49.

2006                Kraamer, M. ‘Origin disputed. The making, use and evaluation of Ghanaian textiles’. Afrique: Archéologie & Arts 4: 53-76.

2006                Kraamer, M. ‘Ghanaian interweaving in the 19th century: a new perspective on Ewe and Asante textile history. African Arts 38(4): 36-53, 93-94.


Publications (Selection non-peer reviewed; full list available on request)                                                 

2017                An Introduction to Textiles and Fashions from the Islamic World: Textiles and Fashions from Africa. Toolkit for museum professionals. See [forthcoming].

2017                Review of Hemmings, J. (ed.) Cultural Threads. Transnational Textiles Today. Bloomsbury, London and New York, 2015. Kraamer, M. ‘Review’. Textile History 47(1) [forthcoming June 2017].

Since 2014      Reviews on exhibitions, performances and museums; see

2013                Kraamer, M. ‘African Wax and Fancy Prints’ and ‘West African Kente Cloths’ In: Fogg, M. (ed.) Fashion: The Whole Story. London: Thames and Hudson: 134-137, 160-163.

2013                Kraamer, M. ‘Dress in Ghana: Fugu, Kente and Kaba’. Jill Condra (Ed.). Encyclopedia of National Dress: Traditional Clothing Around the World. Santa Barbara: ABC Clio.

2012                An Exhibition Dilemma: From Suits to Saris. In: Photographs, Colonial Legacy and Museums in Contemporary European Culture. Website resource for curators, heritage managers and students and

2009                Kraamer, M. ‘A Textile to Wear: Kente Cloth in Ghana’, ‘Worgagba and Atakpamevor’, and Super-Q, Aso Kente, and Nigerian Weave’. In: Gardi, B. (ed.) Woven Beauty. The Art of West African Textiles, Museum der Kulturen Basel, Basel: Christoph Merian Verlag: 161-181.

2005                Kraamer, M. ‘Gekleed in Kente: Ghanese kleding en Afrikaanse verbondenheid’. In: Mode en Emotie, (ver)kleden als idolen. [Clothed in Kente: Ghanaian dress and African alliance]. Jaarboek 2004 Nederlandse Textiel Commissie, Nr. 54: 119-125.

2005                Kraamer, M. ‘Visual Arts of the Ewe in Togo and Benin’. In: A Handbook of Eweland. Volume III: The Ewes of Togo and Benin. Accra: Woeli Publishing Services, Ghana: 293-310.

2004                Review of Byfield, J.A. The Bluest Hands. A Social and Economic History of Women Dyers in Abeokuta (Nigeria), 1890-1940. Portsmouth/Oxford/Cape Town: Heinemann/James Curry/David Philip. 2002. Kraamer, M. Africa, 74 (3).

Awards and Grants                                                                                                                                

  • 2015 Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial Grant. ArtFund UK for curatorial CPD, research and conference trip to Nsukka, Nigeria. Presenting of two papers; research in Nsukka
  • 2015 Travel grant to attend ‘The Curating of the Future’ conference, British Museum,
  • 2014 Midlands Federation Bursary for the 14th Association of African Studies UK (ASAUK) Conference (convening panel and presenting paper in September 2014)
  • 2006 Visiting Fellowship, Sainsbury Research Centre, University of East Anglia (research and publication; maintenance)
  • 2001 Postgraduate fellowship, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute (research and maintenance)
  • 1999-2001 Arts and Humanities Research Board Studentship, tuition fees for PhD research at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London (1999-2001)
  • 1999-2001 Postgraduate fellowship, SOAS, maintenance grant for PhD, London
  • 1997 Prins Bernhard Fund, The Netherlands, maintenance and school fees grant for PhD research, SOAS, London